We have rights to a new patent - and it’s a big deal, see why

Our New Distributed Water System Patent Will Be A Pillar Of AquiPor Technologies

Water loves to flow, clean water, polluted water, it has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, too much polluted water is ending up in our waterways. We can however, give gravity and nature a helping hand by being good stewards of our wastewater.  Which is why here at AquiPor we’re really excited to announce our latest patent for a distributed water system. 

This is a big idea, and it takes a little bit to really flush out all the details, so we’ll start here with highest level overview, and as we move forward we’re going to break this down deeper as we go. 

This is going to sound almost ridiculous how basic the idea sounds - sewer pipes live everywhere, you’re probably only a few yards from some sewer pipe going to the street, then going to treatment plant, or worse yet, going to your community's waterways! 

These pipes by design have a much larger diameter than they would almost ever need to run this water to its destination, and this is primarily for air flow purposes.  So our technology group patented an idea - let’s run small hoses that use less than 5% of the area of the pipe that can flow back and forth from the water treatment plant (or wherever we want really) and control, maintain and properly distribute water more efficiently.

So say instead of just cleaning water and dumping it back into your local river, we can run that water back up towards the aquifer and allow it return to nature there? Thus avoiding flooding in rain events, controling water means a level of efficiency that can help cities save millions of dollars and gallons of water, both of which you want to use for your community. 

This is the fundamental idea of our new patent. If you’re as excited about this, understand technical literature, or have some time on your hand, you can read the patent here: 

Next time we’ll connect current AquiPor tech with this new tech and explain how they work symbiotically, and how our green concrete is just the tip of the engineering spear of AquiPor!