AquiPor’s chemically-bonded phosphate concrete technology utilizes a proprietary assemblage of industrial minerals in lieu of ordinary Portland cement as its binder.
Estimate 80% lower CO2 footprint than traditional concrete*
Because the concrete technology features a unique porous matrix, AquiPor is developing the technology for use as a porous/permeable concrete for onsite stormwater management and filtration applications.
No Portland Cement = Energy/CO2 Reductions
• No new large capital to produce

• Can employ at existing precast plants

• Utilizes existing industrial resource base

• Can use recycled and synthetic aggregates

• No high heat calcining (CaCO3 to CaO + CO2)

• No high heat kiln sintering or clinker grinding into cement powder

Pouring, Setting, and Curing
Mixes and pours virtually identical to Portland Cement concrete with existing mixing equipment and in same time frames... but with the added benefit of…

Sets up in as low as 2 hours

Full strength in as low as 24 hrs rather than 7 to 28 days

Ability To Make New Concrete Porous/Permeable

Porosity from 0-75%

Permeability from 2 in/hr to 50 in/hr (mass flow test)

Sub-micron pores (mass flow vs restricted flow tests)

Inherent air entrainment for freeze-thaw (for non-permeable CIP, must use air entraining plasticizer)

Corrosion Resistance of Concrete
Inherently acid resistant

Inherently base resistant

Corrosion Protection of Reinforcing
Safe for E-glass, Basalt, and poly fibers

Inherent protection for ferrous rebar

Forming/Curing Shrinkage
Forming/set shrinkage is negligible

Curing shrinkage is negligible

Drying shrinkage for permeable (control with plasticizer, age, and low water content)

Abrasion Resistance
Adjustable to be > Portland Cement concrete
Elastic - TBD

Shear - > Portland Cement concrete

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or contact Greg Johnson, CEO[email protected].

AquiPor’s Permeable Concrete Technology

AquiPor’s permeable concrete material has been developed to feature the strength and durability of traditional concrete, but with water-permeability rates that allow large volumes of rainfall to pass through it naturally. AquiPor’s material functions like a hard surface filter, capable of sifting out harmful pollutants and particulates that are problematic in stormwater. With sub-micron porosity AquiPor  material filters stormwater and is resistant to clogging from dirt and debris. This advanced solution to old-school concrete can take the place of impermeable pavements wherever stormwater needs to be managed naturally in cities.

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Our New Patent
April 25, 2024
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