2023  update

Dear AquiPor Shareowners:

 It's hard to believe that we are already into 2023.  It's only been a few months since our last update, but we wanted to welcome in the New Year with a short recap of 2022 and then share our plans ahead for what's shaping up to be a really exciting 2023 for AquiPor from a global lens.  

A lot happened in 2022, and AquiPor quietly kept its head down and just got things done. 
We watched as many tech startups raised huge rounds of capital at sky-high valuation points, and watched with some envy, as we were in a position where we weren't quite ready to go out and raise that type of money. But predictably, once the Fed started tightening rates and volatility entered the markets in early 2022, most of those same venture-backed startups began to flame out.

They just couldn't sustain the sort of that artificial growth that easy money had enabled. The paradox of all of this is out of necessity. We had to take a completely different approach altogether, and it has helped us. So due to the nature of our technology development, we had no choice but to remain conservative through the boom cycle. And instead of spending frivolously on unnecessary expenses, you know, the money that we were able to raise, we made some strategic and at times small but asymmetric bets or investments on technology development that we are now starting to see pay off.

Watch our end-of-the-year video and see how we viewed 2022 and what 2023 has in store.  We know this year is pivotal and we’re so excited to continue the process of building revolutionary green tech. 

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Episode 14: Save The Beer
December 24, 2022
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