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AquiPor is teaching old road new tricks with ground breaking green technology that is capable of scaling in revolutionary ways. Improving urban water quality with it's game changing material technology.

Stormwater, Flooding, and Groundwater Solutions:

AquiPor’s permeable concrete can take the place of traditional paved surfaces to manage stormwater where it falls, help mitigate flooding, and recharge groundwater right in the built environment.

Inherently Green Concrete Technology:

AquiPor’s permeable concrete products are made with a new kind of catalytic concrete technology that uses industrial byproducts instead of traditional cement, giving it an inherently low CO2 footprint.

A New Kind of Concrete

Permeable Stormwater System

Material Permeability/ Flow Rate

AquiPor’s permeable concrete material is capable of infiltrating large volumes of rainwater and can reduce flooding and stormwater pollution.

Sub-Micron Porosity

AquiPor’s material has “filtration” characteristics that keep pollutants and particulates on the surface for easy cleaning.

Engineering Design

In conjunction with game-changing engineered designs, AquiPor stormwater systems naturally distribute water back to aquifers.


AquiPor’s permeable technology is suitable for both new infrastructure development and existing development (retrofits) in our built environment.

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A New Kind of Permeable Concrete


Inherently Eco-Friendly Concrete

AquiPor’s permeable concrete is made from industrial by-products and doesn’t use portland cement. This means we don’t require pollutive and energy intensive cement plants for our material.


We Use Upcycled Materials in a Low CO2 Process

Our permeable concrete is made with upcycled materials that we source directly from mines. We don’t rely on traditional cement, so we have no need for high CO2 emitting cement plants.


Naturally Fast Set and Cure Times:

Our catalytic concrete technology enables our products to set and cure quickly, without additives or admixtures. AquiPor concrete can be stripped from forms in hours, not days, improving manufacturing productivity.


AquiPor Products can be Optimized for Different Uses

AquiPor is developing its permeable concrete technology to achieve a range of strength and permeability characteristics for different uses in municipal, commercial, and residential development.

A New Kind of Concrete

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Our New Patent
April 25, 2024
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