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let’s teach old roads new tricks

AquiPor is revolutionizing hard surface building materials, improving the way urban stormwater systems work and interact with the natural environment. Polluted runoff is destroying our waterways and diminishing water quality in cities throughout the world. Our advanced technology is designed to be as durable as normal concrete, yet permeable enough to handle up to 25 inches of water every hour.

Join The Movement


There is a perfect storm brewing (no pun intended) in urban water infrastructure, and AquiPor is well-positioned with the technology, people, and momentum to shift the paradigm in stormwater management for the 21st century. By investing in AquiPor, you are joining forces with a team of gritty entrepreneurs and industry professionals that will not rest until our mission is satisfied. We have just launched our first ever equity crowd fund at Start Engine, join now and become part of the stormwater revolution.
Founders of AquiPor

The State of the World

Stormwater runoff pollution has quietly become the most pervasive environmental issue that cities around the world face today. Three main factors are exacerbating the issue:

climate change

storm water

city water

ten trillion gallons

Discharged into clean waterways every year.

More Than Just Permeable Pavement

The Solution

AquiPor has developed an innovative hardscape material that is extremely permeable, while featuring the strength and durability of traditional concrete. This revolutionary new material is capable of filtering out stormwater pollutants and particulate matter without clogging up from debris, allowing clean water to permeate and drain into the water table below. AquiPor material provides nature a helping hand by creating a natural water system in your backyard, neighborhood, and city.

solutions for change

Come along with us as we bring our proprietary technology to market in an effort to reshape the way we think about urban water management.
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