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AquiPor LIVE Q&A Thursday November 9th!

Our crowdfund through Start Engine is bringing like minded people together to help solve the problem of stormwater pollution and flooding in cities. We're doing a LIVE Q&A to talk about our technology - Made from recycled and unused materials in a process that's much greener than traditional concrete, all while mitigating runoff pollution in cities.

Find out how you can be a part, just click the link below.


AquiPor’s permeable concrete technology not only manages stormwater naturally, but our material utilizes an inherently low-carbon cement that requires a fraction of the energy and emits a fraction of the CO2 than that of traditional concrete. These are the kind of solutions that AquiPor is developing to not only address climate change and make our communities more resilient, but also bring better economics to our physical infrastructure systems.

We are on a Mission to Improve Water Infrastructure in our Communities

AquiPor was founded on a basic mission: help improve stormwater infrastructure and water quality in our cities with permeable hardscape technology. As we continue to develop our permeable hardscape material, we’ve added additional utility technologies, proprietary engineering solutions, and a low-carbon concrete technology that can help us deliver scalable and highly-effective green infrastructure in our cities as a specialty engineering, procurement, and construction management entity.


AquiPor and our material technology are in rapid evolution right now. See what we're up to and what people are talking about.

Questions From the Community

Community Question:


Permeable pavement has been around for a long time, what makes this technology different?

Aquipor Answer:

AquiPor’s technology is different from traditional permeable pavements in a few key ways. Old permeable pavement technology relies on large void space to get water through the material and these voids are prone to clogging very easily from dirt and debris. Our material’s pore size is orders of magnitude smaller and capable of filtering the majority of dirt, debris, and particles larger than 10 microns, keeping them on the surface for easy maintenance. AquiPor’s material is also chemically inert (not affected by acids or chemicals in the atmosphere or salts), it is precast (easy to remove and replace if needed for subterranean construction), and it has a significantly lower CO2 footprint than traditional concrete. 

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Check Us Out On CBS Innovation Nation

AquiPor was featured on The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation on CBS! Hosted by Mo Rocca, Innovation Nation airs weekly and it’s a show that celebrates innovators, forward-looking visionaries, and historic pioneers. To say that we were thrilled to be featured on the show would be a massive understatement.

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