the solution

Stormwater runoff pollution has quietly become the most pervasive environmental issue that cities face today. AquiPor has created a construction material that filters out harmful pollutants and particulates found in stormwater runoff.

the invisible issue

As cities have grown, natural landscapes have been replaced by massive amounts of impervious surface area that takes the form of streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and alleyways. Each time it rains, these surfaces contribute to overwhelming levels of stormwater runoff. Instead of absorbing into the ground naturally, rainfall hits these surfaces and becomes stormwater runoff that inevitably picks up toxins and pollutants before discharging into ocean bays, lakes, rivers, and streams. Polluted runoff is destroying our waterways and diminishing water quality in cities throughout the U.S.

Three main factors

are exacerbating the issue:


Rapid urbanization
Urban / suburban development has resulted in nearly 40% of all U.S. land being impervious (in the form of streets, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.).


Water infrastructure
Water infrastructure in the U.S. is old and deteriorating; in most major U.S. cities, urban water infrastructure is over 100 years old!


Precipitation (rainfall) averages are going up nationally, and large, unpredictable weather events are happening more frequently.

These factors have greatly increased the amount of stormwater runoff pollution that is getting into our clean waterways.

AquiPor Paver Technology

AquiPor’s permeable hard surface material has the strength and durability of concrete, with water-permeability rates that allow large volumes of rainfall to pass through it naturally. AquiPor material functions like a hard surface filter, capable of sifting out harmful pollutants and particulates that are problematic in stormwater. With porosity that is measured at 1-5 microns, our material can filter stormwater without clogging from dirt and debris. Stormwater simply permeates through our material and subgrade, returning naturally to the ground below.

Our advanced solution to old-school materials is designed to be as durable as normal concrete, yet permeable enough to handle up to 25 inches of water every hour, helping to eliminate runoff at scale.

solutions for change

We are asking you to join the AquiPor team on our mission to help bring infrastructure into the 21st century. The challenges presented by urbanization, climate change, and dilapidated infrastructure are only getting worse, and the opportunity to make a difference is equally large. We have started a crowd funding campaign for investors at every level at Start Engine. Click below to find out more about our technology and how you can become a part of the movement.
September 29, 2021
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