A Deeper Dive Into Our Concrete Technology

What do Beanie Babies, Nirvana and AquiPor Concrete Have In Common?

Studies from the 1990’s add layers of validation to AquiPor’s concrete tech

For those of you that have been asking, we wanted to give you a deeper dive into our concrete technology!

Did you know that AquiPor’s base concrete binder system is a patented technology with ties to research from the 1990’s? Originally, researchers were studying chemically binding ceramics for their potential as cements able to tie up industrial and even low-level radioactive waste without leaching.

These cements are synthesized and bonded chemically instead of requiring energy-intensive sintering. Unlike portland cement, this technology's cements have an inherently low CO2 footprint. For example, we estimate that AquiPor’s CO2 footprint is at least 80% lower than traditional concrete!

Back in the 90’s, researchers also found that this binder exhibits superior mechanical properties compared to conventional cements. They are more stable in acidic and high-temperature environments, making them suitable for a wider range of applications.

But at the time, scientists also determined that the cost of these new cements would initially be more expensive than traditional cements and that’s pretty much where their research left off in the 90’s.

Fast forward 30 years and as chance would have it our technology group had formulated and began patenting mix designs that utilize industrial feedstock that not only drops the cost structure of this concrete, but also points to tremendous economies of scale as we grow. 

With low leachability due to its chemical stability and effective immobilization of contaminants, the ability to incorporate industrial byproducts in our concrete supports eco-friendly practices that could be a game changer for industry.

It’s just one more way that AquiPor is changing the game when it comes to advanced materials and engineering for cleaning up industry and making infrastructure more climate-friendly.

Go to StartEngine.com/aquipor learn more about our technology and let us know if you like geekier posts about our technology like this!

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April 25, 2024
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