AquiPor in Times Square NYC?!

An AquiPor ad was recently spotted in Times Square and this was ironically the same day that  NYC got blasted with extreme rain and flooding that same evening. 

These types of weather events are exactly why we’re developing our permeable surface technologies and engineered solutions to manage stormwater and mitigate urban flooding. 

The reality is that the majority of flooding issues in our country occur due to current water infrastructure being completely overwhelmed in the face of modern-day storms. Our solutions are being developed to help ease the burden on existing water infrastructure.


solutions for change

We are asking you to join the AquiPor team on our mission to help bring infrastructure into the 21st century. The challenges presented by urbanization, climate change, and dilapidated infrastructure are only getting worse, and the opportunity to make a difference is equally large.
Our New Patent
April 25, 2024
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