BBC Earth Features AquiPor

`Urban flooding from changing weather patterns is becoming more and more noticeable with each season. A startup called AquiPor has created a material that not only manages stormwater naturally, but also takes a fraction of the carbon to produce compared with standard concrete. AquiPort’s concrete-like material6 is highly permeable, allowing high volumes of rainwater to flow through it. This gets stormwater back into the ground naturally, reducing the threat of our cities flooding, while also filtering out pollutants. And given the colossal carbon footprint of concrete – 8% of global emissions come from the cement industry– the company’s paving the way for a greener urban landscape


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solutions for change

We are asking you to join the AquiPor team on our mission to help bring infrastructure into the 21st century. The challenges presented by urbanization, climate change, and dilapidated infrastructure are only getting worse, and the opportunity to make a difference is equally large.
Our New Patent
April 25, 2024
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