Patent No.: US 11,111,157 B2

September 7, 2021

patent abstract

A method for manufacturing unitized formed mineral-based construction materials includes providing starting materials of an aggregate, a cementing agent, a sublimation agent, and water. The sublimation agent (between 25 % and 50 % by weight of the cementing agent) is selected from molybdenum disulfide, tungsten disulfide, vanadium disulfide, cop persulfate, and combinations thereof. The method includes mixing the starting materials to achieve a mixture, placing the mixture into a form, and curing the mixture in the form for a time to allow the mixture to become a solidified unit defined by a minimum dimension of thickness, length, width, or diameter. The method further includes placing the solidified unit into a kiln, heating the kiln to a temperature of 11150-1350 ° C., maintaining the kiln at the temperature for between 10-60 minutes per centimeter of the minimum dimension, and removing the solidified unit from the kiln.

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