The AquiPor Podcast Episode One: Melissa Meeker

Recently on the AquiPor podcast, we had the privilege of interviewing Melissa Meeker, the cofounder and CEO of The Water Tower. Melissa brings over 25 years of executive experience in water resources management to the conversation, and we covered a wide range of topics. We discussed everything from the role of green infrastructure in water management to the encouraging signs of more women and minority leaders in STEM careers. Seemingly, the conversation kept coming back to a brighter, more innovative future in water management. 

Be sure to check out the interview and follow the work that Melissa is doing at The Water Tower. Based in Gwinnett County in the Atlanta, GA area, The Water Tower is creating an ecosystem of water innovation by fostering new technology development, applied research, on-site demonstrations, workforce development and training, and stakeholder engagement all under one roof. There’s reason to be bullish on this integrated planning, “one-water” movement that’s taking place in the water sector!

Melissa can be found on Twitter @MLMeekerWater and on LinkedIn

And The Water Tower can be found at, on Twitter @theh2otower and Instagram @theh2otower.


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April 25, 2024
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